YouTube makes its own Twitch-like emotes

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YouTube is starting to roll out its own custom emotes. The Twitch-esque emotes, dubbed YouTube emotes, can be used on YouTube in comment sections and during live chats, although the platform previously allowed individual streamers to provide their own reactions and emotes. YouTube’s first emotes are focused on gaming, but more will come over time.

You’ll now see a list of YouTube emotes when you open YouTube’s emoji picker, and they’ll appear below a channel’s own existing custom emotes. Like Twitch’s default system-wide emotes, YouTube’s also have specific autocomplete names, so you can quickly type “:cat-orange-whistling:”, for example, and it will automatically populate a comment with an orange cat whistling.

YouTube rolls out new system-wide emotes

YouTube emotes in action.
Image: YouTube

Unsurprisingly, there’s no pogchamp emote, but YouTube hasn’t even added a standard for the popular COCK Twitch emote. However, there are some game over, GG and buffering.

“We’re starting with emotes made for gaming, but we’re working to bring even more themes of emotes in the future, so stay tuned for emotes for even more communities!” says YouTube in a community post.

These game emotes were created by Abelle Hayford, Guy Field, and Yujin Won, so it’s fair to assume that with this creator focus, we’re likely to see more YouTube emotes from independent artists in the future.

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