When will the paper unicorns fold?

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This is our performance on Wednesday, where we limit ourselves to one person, think about their work and unpack the rest. Today on the podcast we have Jeff Richardsan investor of GGV who has a view of the latest venture boom and the ensuing denouement of that particular saga that we have been covering since the end of 2021.

Richards has been an investor since 2008, so he’s been through a business cycle or two, which convinced us that he’d be the perfect person to discuss the diverse fate of late-stage startups. While some late-stage tech companies took the latest boom to new heights and later struggled to adapt their operations to the new market realities, others almost got ahead of the changing market and are now well positioned to survive the correction (some examples here , but the list is longer than that post outlines).

In other words, the idea that all unicorns are in trouble is wrong; some late-stage startups got it right. That means some possible IPOs, and for those that haven’t, probably some liquidations as well. We also talked about the existence of unifying characteristics in late-stage startups that are doing well, and how to spot early signs that the business climate is about to molt.

Jeff is a great talker, and I hope you enjoy this episode because I had a lot of fun recording it.

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