The first Five Nights At Freddy’s movie teaser looks terrifying

Based on the teaser, it looks like this movie has a similar premise to the first game, where you’re on security duty for a Chuck E. Cheese-esque restaurant called Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza that houses creepy-looking animatronic animals. Spoiler, those animals live, and it looks like the characters in the movie will have to find different ways to escape their clutches.

I’ll admit it: I’ve never had one Five nights at Freddy’s game. They look way too scary for me! I prefer not to suffer from jumpscare after jumpscare. But I admit I looked a lot of of YouTube videos of other people playing the games – I can always just scroll to the jumpscare if I want to get the thrills out then leave – and that interest can spill over into actually watching the Five nights at Freddy’s movie. Best of all, I can watch the movie in the safety of my own home as soon as it comes out, while the movie is playing in theaters. And begins streaming on Peacock on the same day, October 27.

Five nights at Freddy’s joins a growing lineup of major video game movies in 2023, including The Super Mario Bros. movie (which has been a huge hit) and the Grand Touring movie (which doesn’t look so good).

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