The beta version of Google Play Games for PC is now available in Europe and New Zealand

The beta version of Google Play Games for PC – a service that allows Windows PCs to run Android games – is out now available in New Zealand and over 40 European countries, including Germany, France, Spain, Poland, the Netherlands and the UK. The service expanded to a handful of countries, including the US and Canada, earlier last year in November, following initial rollouts in Hong Kong, South Korea and Taiwan in January 2022.

The latest expansion brings the Play Games for PC beta to a total of 56 countries, with over 100 titles to play, including Air Force from 1945, Knife idle, Cookie Run: KingdomAnd Evony: The Return of the King. More games are added to the service every month, and the recently updated Google Play Games support page says the service will be available in other countries and regions “soon”.

The Play Games software isn’t particularly demanding (see minimum hardware requirements below), and Google says you’ll get better gameplay performance if you opt for an 8-core CPU (such as the AMD Ryzen 7 7800X3D) and a “gaming class” graphics card. Google recommends using a laptop equipped with at least an Nvidia GeForce MX450. Many Android games can run on just about anything, and given the minimum specs including Intel integrated graphics, most dedicated gaming GPUs in desktop Windows systems ideal.

Google didn’t say when the Play Games beta program for PC will get a full public release. You can learn more, check your eligibility, and download the open beta on the Google Play Games webpage.

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