Starlink postpones its daytime data limits until February

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Starlink’s upcoming daytime data caps will go into effect in February instead of December, according to the revised language on the company’s website (via CNET). When Starlink first announced the caps in November, the company had said they would go into effect sometime this month. Now they will be in place a little later than originally planned.

The conditions of the data limits seem to be the same. As part of Starlink’s new Fair Use Policy, customers receive a special amount of Priority Access data each month. All data used during peak hours, which Starlink defines as 7 a.m. to 11 p.m., is pulled from that Priority Access pool. If you exceed your Priority Access allotment, you can pay for more data or fall back on “Basic Access” data, which is not prioritized and may be slower, for the rest of your billing cycle.

Private customers have a data limit of 1 TB and can purchase additional data for 25 cents per GB. Other plans have different allocations and costs per GB, and you can check out those details on Starlink’s website. Priority Access data is not available for Starlink’s RV, Portability, or Best Effort levels.

Starlink is not the only internet provider that postpones data limits. Comcast has delayed planned 1.2 TB data caps for customers in the Northeast US a few times, with the most recent delay meaning they wouldn’t be implemented this year. (Those data limits are already in effect for some other Comcast customers.)

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