Revenant Hill is the latest game from Night in the Woods developer

Revenant hill is the latest game from the developers behind it Night in the forest. At first glance at the game’s announcement trailer, you might think Revenant hill was the sequel to Night in the forest. The cat depicted bears a suspicious resemblance to one Mae Borowski, NITW‘s main character. But according to the PlayStation blog announcing the game, Revenant hill records plays in the early 1900s, long before Borowski and her group of friends arrived in Possum Springs.

In Revenant Hill, you play as Twigs, a cat who has been through hard times and is forced to do odd jobs to pay the rent on the wet block he calls home.

“Grow crops to sell on the secret market or use for your own purposes,” technical director Coby West wrote on the PlayStation blog. “Put down carrots. Run through the fields and the trees. Watch the seasons go by. Make friends who become neighbors who become family. Make enemies too.”

From that, Revenant hill sounds like a likeable life sim game, but knowing The Glory Society, there’s likely to be a dark twist. Given the strong resemblance between Twigs and Mae, maybe Revenant hill is a prequel, taking place at a time when humans, not anthropomorphic animals, were the dominant species. Maybe Revenant hill will examine the events that led to the downfall of man. Or maybe the resemblance is purely artistic and there is no connection between the two games other than the strong themes of community and labor struggle. Whatever the case, Night in the forest was a great game, so I’m in Revenant hill.

No release date yet, but Revenant hill launches on PlayStation and Steam.

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