Problemista’s first trailer is a work-related stress dream that you really want to see

The first trailer for A24s Problemist from director Julio Torres plays like a dizzying work-related stress dream — one you actually want to pay attention to because it’s about someone else’s existential crisis.

Problemist‘s story revolves around Alejandro Martinez (Torres), a talented and aspiring toymaker from El Salvador who travels to New York City in hopes of making it big by realizing some of his more experimental, unconventional toys. Although Alejandro knows in his heart of hearts that he belongs in NYC to pursue his dreams, there is a very high chance that he will be forced out of the country, putting him in a very difficult position as his current work visa is about to run out.

Problemist‘s first trailer only shows a little how obnoxious and unhinged art world pariah Elizabeth (Tilda Swinton) is, but it’s just enough to telegraph what hell Alejandro is signing up for when he agrees to be her assistant to keep working in the U.S. . In exchange for helping Elizabeth put together an exhibition, she will sponsor him – making sure he can stay in New York. But the trailer also details many of the nonsensical hoops Alejandro has to jump through to make his situation work and shows just how imaginative Problemistgoes on to describe these all-too-real challenges faced by immigrants.

Oddly enough, Problemist doesn’t have a release date yet, but hopefully this trailer is a sign that it won’t be long before it hits theaters.

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