Gollum developers apologize for the game’s “disappointing experience”.

The developers behind it Lord of the Rings: Gollum posted an apology after both critics and players criticized the title for lackluster gameplay, unrefined graphics, and overall flaws. In a posted message to Twitter and Steam, Daedalic Entertainment says it regrets the game’s “disappointing experience”. “We acknowledge and deeply regret that the game did not … Read more

Acutely.info+ Overview: South Korea Investor Survey, 1-Hour Board Meetings, Venture Leasing Fundamentals

After sales software startup TigerEye closed its Series A and established a board of directors, the co-founders informed them: One thing we never want to do is the three-hour, too-in-the-weed, non-strategic board meeting. “Every board deck I’ve made and seen is over 80 pages long,” said Tracy Young, co-founder and CEO of TigerEye. “I am … Read more

AI may be the least of edtech’s concerns

Shares of edtech company Chegg have still not recovered from their plunge earlier this month. As you may recall, the stock fell off a cliff after the company reported its Q1 results. While Chegg beat analysts’ expectations for the first quarter of the year, it also raised a warning that didn’t fall on deaf ears: … Read more

Info Edge, reeling from Rahul Yadav’s starting loss, now writes Bijnis off

Info Edge, the largest shareholder of Bizcrum Infotech, Bijnis’ holding company, has written off its entire investment in the Indian startup, citing “principles of conservatism and prudence” in the latest drastic market correction in the burgeoning South Asian ecosystem struggling with the weakening global economy. The listed Indian investor had invested about $9.3 million in … Read more

Netflix can ruin password sharing for everyone

Netflix is ​​betting that a crackdown on password sharing will reverse declining revenues and shaky subscriber numbers. The company has historically never enforced its one account per household policy. Now, by making members pay to share their subscriptions with people living in other homes, Netflix is ​​cashing in on all those users they’ve missed all … Read more

Thunderbolts will be the latest Marvel movie to be hit by a writer’s strike

Filming for Lightning strikesthe upcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe movie centering on the franchise’s anti-heroes has been postponed due to the ongoing writers’ strike, The Hollywood Reporter And deadline report. Production was scheduled to begin in Atlanta in the coming weeks, but is now expected to begin only after the strike ends. Lightning strikes is just … Read more

Beyond networking: what UK immigrant founders want from VC office hours

Juanita Gonzalez-Uribe Contributor Lyubov Guk is one of the founders of Blue Lake VC. She supports budding international founders working in the UK Robyn Klingler-Vidra Contributor Robyn Klingler-Vidra is associate dean of global engagement and associate professor of entrepreneurship and sustainability at King’s Business School. After facilitating more than 300 business hours for immigrant entrepreneurs … Read more

5 investors explain their mantra for South Korean startups

The Economy of South Korea model has relied for decades on export-driven manufacturing operated by family-owned giants. A 2015 report from McKinsey outlined how the country would need small businesses to drive an innovative model in preparation for the next phase of economic growth. “The key to fostering such innovation is a vibrant startup community. … Read more