AI startups are not setting the corporate world on fire

Conventional wisdom around AI investment suggests that artificial intelligence should be red hot right now, with dollars flying to startups building with AI, similar to what happened to web3 and metaverse companies last year. Well guess what? Conventional wisdom is wrong — dead wrong, according to a new report from CB Insights. AI has been … Read more

Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard has been approved by EU regulators

Microsoft’s $68.7 billion deal to acquire Activision Blizzard has been approved by EU regulators just weeks after UK regulators blocked the acquisition. The European Commission has concluded that the deal can go ahead thanks to Microsoft’s commitments regarding cloud gaming. The EU ruled that Microsoft “would have no reason to refuse to distribute Activision’s games … Read more

Binance is betting big on M&A and VC deals

The exchange’s chief business officer talks about investments, BD and the future of the exchange Jacquelyn Melinek 8 o’clock Binance, the world’s largest crypto exchange by volume, is going big on M&A this year, with a particular focus on geographic gaps and customer base. And helping the exchange there is the company’s chief business officer, … Read more

This free TV comes with two screens

A new type of TV is coming for Samsung, LG and Vizio, and it’s completely free – if you don’t count the price of your attention. Telly, a company founded by Pluto TV co-founder Ilya Pozin, offers a TV that makes up for its non-existent price tag by constantly displaying ads on a second, smaller … Read more

Can AI help you build relationships? Amorai thinks so

Building and maintaining relationships is hard, and COVID-19 certainly hasn’t helped. Multiple studies have shown that adults have become even lonelier since the start of the pandemic. Founders try to find technical solutions. There are many startups looking to combat loneliness — some of which emerged years before the pandemic — including senior-focused ElliQ and … Read more