Navarre calls for 0.25% increase in income tax in ballot on November 2


NAVARRE – Voters will be asked to approve an additional 0.25% income tax when they go to the polls on November 2.

If approved by the voters, the village income tax will drop from 1.75% to 2%.

The extra money is needed to strengthen the general fund, said Mayor Bob Benson.

“We have been fighting for a little while,” said the mayor. “We’ve just gotten to the point that we know we need more money.”

Voters will be asked to approve an additional 0.25% income tax when they go to the polls on November 2.  Detective Dan Kirby works inside his cruiser in this file photo.

Operating expenses continue to rise, he said, adding that the council’s decision last year to increase the pay rate for village police officers is one of the biggest expenses.

Last year, the council agreed to a 10% salary increase for the chief of police and 8% for full-time officers.

Officials said officers were paid significantly less than their counterparts in surrounding departments.

The lower rate of pay has cost the department qualified candidates, and with the increase in the number of appeals, it needs a full roster of officers.

This is the second time that the village has requested an increase in income tax. Voters rejected the measure in the spring. Village Clerk / Treasurer Anne Johnson said there had been a low turnout in the primary elections. She expects turnout to be much higher this election.

Based on the income tax collected this year, Johnson estimates the village could earn around $ 300,000 on the additional 0.25%.

“A lot of communities are at 2% or more,” Johnson said.

The increase will not impact retirees, she said.

Residents who work in another municipality receive up to 1.75% in the village income tax credit, she said. This credit would increase to 2% in 2022 if the additional tax were approved.

In 2019, voters approved an income tax increase of 0.25% for the reconstruction, resurfacing and repair of streets, alleys, curbs and gutters in the village.

Benson said the additional funding has put the village on track to take care of the roads.

“People are seeing the (benefits) now,” the mayor said, adding that street repairs had taken place between Main and Market and all streets had been repaired east of Market Street.

“We want to reclaim all the streets and then maintain them. Once all the streets are straightened out, we will talk about curbs and sidewalks,” he said.

Other West Stark County issues appearing on the November 2 poll:

  • Jackson Township (18) – Sunday sales of wine, mixed drinks and liquor at Top Shelf, 7257 Fulton Drive NW.
  • Jackson Township (7) – Sunday sales of wine, mixed drinks and spirits at Meijer, 4934 Fulton Drive NW and Meijer Express, 4848 Fulton Drive NW.
  • Township of Lawrence – renewal of a fire tax of 1.9 mill, 5 years; a fire tax of 0.5 million over 5 years and another fire tax of 0.5 million over 5 years.
  • Massillon (4-A) – Sunday sales of wine and mixed drinks at Aldi, 3541 Erie St. S.
  • Sugar Creek Township 1 – sale of wine, mixed drinks and spirits at The Ponds Venue, 10547 Manchester Ave.
  • Village of Hills and Dales – Changes to the Village Charter.

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Detective Dan Kirby of the Navarre Police Department is shown with his gear outside his cruiser in Navarre.

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