Mridula Bajpai is the new chief income tax commissioner for the region of Indore


Indore (Madhya Pradesh): Major administrative changes have been observed in the office of the Chief Income Tax Commissioner, Indore region. Mridula Bajpai has been appointed the new Chief Income Tax Commissioner (CCIT) of the Indore region. The current CCTI Gunjan Prashad has moved to Mumbai.

In 1988 Mridula Bajpai, Head of Indian Tax Administration, is currently Senior Income Tax Commissioner (PCIT) in the Bhopal region. She holds a Masters and a Doctorate in English Literature. In addition to having
In-depth knowledge of income tax, she is passionate about writing too. She has five novels to her credit, four in Hindi and one in English. ‘A Handful of Purple Sky’ is his latest work in English. It was published almost a few months ago by Club Literati, Bhopal and Amaryllis. Official sources have informed that she will join the service here on December 6.

1988 Lot IRS Officer Senior Income Tax Commissioner (PCIT) Shelly Jindal was relieved by Friday. The additional director of the investigation wing, SP Meena, bade him farewell. IRS officer lot 1988
Jindal is known for his holistic approach to work and as a team leader.

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Posted on: Saturday November 27th, 2021 02:17 IST

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