Miles Morales swings into Fortnite – and he’s bringing back web shooters

Some more spider people swing in Fortnite Today. As expectedEpic announced today that both Miles Morales and Spider-Man 2099 will be added to the in-game item store ahead of next week’s premiere Across the Spider-Verse (Part One).

Here’s what the characters look like in the Battle Royale:

Miles Morales and Spiderman 2099 in Fortnite.
Image: Epic Games and Image: Epic Games

The two skins join a surprisingly large number of Spider-Man in the game, which started way back in 2021 when the original Spider-Man debuted as part of Chapter 3. (Miles’ co-star Gwen joined the roster last year. ) The update is more than just a few new characters though: it also includes the return of the webshooter items, which allow any character to swing across the island as if it were Spider-Man. There are also some new missions, which will unlock a song from the upcoming movie as lobby music. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like Spider-Ham is coming to the game. View full details here.

Meanwhile the next Spider verse movie will premiere on June 2.

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