Lauren Sánchez will lead a five-person crew to space on Blue Origin in 2024

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Lauren Sánchez is best known for her TV and news appearances — and a relationship with Jeff Bezos (which had a few publicly dramatic turns) — but now she could soon be known as the first person to fly an all-women space mission on Blue leads Origin. In an interview with The Wall Street JournalSánchez reveals that she wanted to fly on past missions, but Bezos now encourages her and is thrilled to assemble the female crew.

Sánchez is not saying who the five women who will accompany her are, something that will be revealed closer to the scheduled flight in early 2024. “It will be women who make a difference in the world and who have an impact and a message to send out,” Sánchez told the newspaper. log. And Bezos gets no exception to attend her flight. “I’ll have to stop him,” Sánchez said. “He will cheer us all on from the sidelines.”

Until now, Blue Origin manned missions have been recreational flights in all respects. The private space company founded by Jeff Bezos has also performed missions for NASA, including including scientific equipment. SpaceX, its main competitor founded by Elon Musk, performs many manned flights with real astronauts and last year SpaceX made its first civilian flight.

The last flight took place on March 31 and would have actor and comedian Pete Davidson on board as a “guest of honor”. Davidson was apparently unable to attend after the flight date was changed – a good reminder for all women who will be flying in 2024 to clear their entire schedule for whatever month it is.

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