Humble’s new lineup of indie games is packed with beautiful animations

For the second year in a row, Humble Games – the publisher best known for its charity bundles – held a showcase to show off some of its upcoming releases. As a label, Humble has built up a diverse lineup over the years, covering everything from the puzzle/home decor game Unpack to the sci-fi survival horror of signaledand the games featured today showed a similar range in style and genre.

There was a quirky action game about a teenage vampire hunter and a beautiful platform game based on Japanese folklore. But there was a common thread running through the presentation: an absolutely beautiful animation. Oh, there was also a surprise launch, with the first-person Metroidvania game Supraland six inches below now available on PlayStation and Xbox (including Game Pass).

These are the other highlights:



#blud it resembles what would happen if you crush it Buffy the vampire killer of Dexter’s laboratory. The dungeon crawler is the debut title from studio Exit 73, and it puts you in the role of a high school girl who has to balance her normal life with hunting vampires. In motion, however, it hardly resembles a game, more like a long-lost Cartoon Network classic.

Bō: Path of the Teal Lotus


Another debut title (this time from Squid Shock Studios), Bō: Path of the Teal Lotus is a slick side-scrolling action game with a painterly art style. It takes place in a world inspired by Japanese folklore and gives players shape-shifting abilities to fend off the various monsters. You can even brew tea to unlock new skills.

Wind in the clouds

Platforms and release date TBD

From Stormy Nights Interactive, Wind in the clouds is a 2D action game where you make your way through a weather-based world where the bad guys want to litter the place. It looks gorgeous and has a great soundtrack, but more importantly, it stars an absolutely adorable corgi who knows how to throw.

Lost skies

Platforms and release date TBD

Bossa Studios has, shall we say, an eclectic history, with games ranging from I am bread Unpleasant Operation Simulator. Lost skies looks completely different from that: it’s a co-op survival game set in a fantasy realm made up of floating islands. It supports up to six players and you can even create your own airship.

Wizard of Legend 2

Platforms and release date TBD

One of Humble’s original success stories, the fantasy roguelike Wizard of legend gets a sequel. This time around, development is being handled by Dead Mage (with original developer Contingent99 in an advisory role), and the new game features updated 3D graphics alongside four-player online co-op.


Platforms and release date TBD

Now for something darker (but no less beautiful), we have Digital Sun’s disastera strategy game where you build structures to fend off waves of medieval terror.

Stray Gods: The Role Playing Musical

PC – August 3

Finally, we got another look at the previously announced Lost gods, which has been described as “part narrative adventure and part interactive musical.” Whatever it is, it looks and sounds great, and it’s launching very soon.

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