Fidelity downgrades Reddit’s rating by 41%

Fidelity, the lead investor in Reddit’s most recent round of funding in 2021, has cut the estimated value of its equity stake in the popular social media platform by 41% since the investment. The Fidelity Blue Chip Growth Fund’s stake in Reddit was valued at $16.6 million on April 28, according to the fund’s monthly … Read more

Filings Reveal PE, VC Return Amid Escalating Price Cuts

Some high-profile venture capital and private equity firms are lowering the valuation of their holdings. A high-profile company Capital and private equity firms are downgrading their holdings, wiping out billions in apparent profits as the economic downturn undermines the sustained growth of the past 13 years. The California Pension System, the largest pension system in … Read more

The startup ecosystem needs more scientists as founders

Many founders start their companies because they want to build a career around finding a solution to a problem or pain point. Scientists are no different, and yet you don’t see as many scientists becoming founders as engineers or operators. It is common to see biotech companies founded by scientists and researchers, but in many … Read more

So you want to make a great pitch deck

Hello friends! So you want to make a great pitch deck. You want to come up with something authentic, but also informed by past successes. Hell, you probably want to avoid common mistakes and get a feel for what other startup founders are using to raise capital. Good news: has all that and more … Read more

How hard is it for startups to raise capital these days?

Hello friends! If you’re a founder looking to raise your first outside capital or if your startup is going a bit further, you need to know what’s going on in the world of venture capital. Don’t worry, the crew has your back. Building on’s lightning fast coverage of individual startup funding rounds, we … Read more

Social mapping platform Atly launches with $18 million to be a Reddit for real-world locations

From Foursquare to Zenly, there hasn’t exactly been a shortage of location-based social networks outside of the usual Big Tech ecosystems, but for some reason it’s never quite succeeded. Snap took over Zenly and eventually shut it down despite its continued popularity, and Foursquare is still towing along with its back-end location data company and … Read more