Dispersion Capital Launches $40 Million Fund Focused on Decentralized Infrastructure

This deep into the crypto winter has seen few debuts from major venture capital funds, a far cry from previous years. But the freeze hasn’t stopped some venture capitalists from launching new funds aimed at the decentralized technology market. Dispersion Capital has assembled an initial $40 million fund to invest in decentralized infrastructure, the company … Read more

Chainlink co-founder wants web3 to provide the world with cryptographic guarantees

Welcome back to Chain Reaction, a podcast that interviews crypto newsmakers to better understand the technology behind the hype and the people working towards a decentralized future. For this week’s episode, Jaquelyn interviewed Sergey Nazarovco-founder of Chainlink, a protocol that provides an oracle network for smart contracts. “Oracle networks are really the thing that puts … Read more

Coinbase launches subscription service with focus on European expansion

Coinbase One is launching in 35 countries starting with the US, UK, Germany and Ireland Jacquelyn Melinek 8 o’clock Coinbase, the world’s second-largest crypto exchange, is launching its subscription service, Coinbase One, in 35 countries in an effort to retain users and grow its recurring revenue streams as the crypto economy struggles through a bearish … Read more

LayerZero and Immunefi Launch the Largest Cryptobug Bounty Program With Up to $15M in Rewards

LayerZero Labs, the team behind cross-chain messaging protocol LayerZero, is teaming up with bug bounty and security services platform Immunefi to launch a $15 million bug bounty for its protocol, LayerZero co-founder and CEO Bryan Pellegrino told Exclusive to Acutely.info. The bug bounty alliance offers a maximum reward of $15 million for each new vulnerability … Read more

Jia, a blockchain-based lender to small businesses in emerging markets, raises $4.3 million

Jia, a blockchain-based fintech that provides loans to micro and small businesses in emerging markets, has raised $4.3 million in seed capital and an additional $1 million pledge for on-chain liquidity, in a round led by early stage financier TCG Crypto, with participation from a number of funds including BlockTower, Hashed Emergent, Saison Capital and … Read more

Even as crypto exchanges leave Canada, Coinbase intends to play the “long game.”

Kraken, Gemini, and Crypto.com also plan to continue operating in the country Jacquelyn Melinek 8 o’clock The world’s largest crypto exchange, Binance, said last week that it would stop serving Canadian customers due to “new guidelines regarding stablecoins and investor limits for crypto exchanges.” But while the exchange said it will return to the country … Read more

Binance is betting big on M&A and VC deals

The exchange’s chief business officer talks about investments, BD and the future of the exchange Jacquelyn Melinek 8 o’clock Binance, the world’s largest crypto exchange by volume, is going big on M&A this year, with a particular focus on geographic gaps and customer base. And helping the exchange there is the company’s chief business officer, … Read more