Businessmen’s income, sales tax cases referred to RBF


ISLAMABAD: National Accountability Bureau (NAB) Justice (R) Chairman Javed Iqbal said on Wednesday that the business community’s income tax and sales tax cases have already been referred to the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) ).

He said special offices have already been set up at NAB headquarters and regional offices to facilitate the business community. “The bureaus have been tasked with resolving businessmen’s complaints according to the rules,” he said.

He said the NAB is taking action against all those who by law have remained in government, were untouchable in the past and are now being questioned about their illegal actions, abuse of power, assets beyond sources known income, money laundering and national losses.

“The NAB is pursuing the cases of people who were penniless in 1980, but today they owned multi-story buildings. Where they got the money from, especially a cyclist who amassed wealth and built towers in Dubai. He said in a meeting with the chairman of the Gwadar Chamber of Commerce, Balochistan Mir Naveed Baloch, who called him to the NAB headquarters.

Judge (R) Javed Iqbal said the country was in debt to the tune of Rs100 billion and one of them was concerned that the money had been spent because the economy was in shambles, not of beds in hospitals, students were denied admission to universities / colleges.

He said the NAB is doing everything it can to root out corruption from society without worrying about the big, powerful fish who have unprecedented stories under their belt.

He said the NAB does not take direct action in default cases, but the State Bank refers cases to NAB. “Banks take action against businessmen for default,” he said. The NAB chairman said investigating white collar crimes is very difficult because the crime is committed in one city and the property exists elsewhere, but NAB agents are working with the awareness that eradication of the country’s corruption is their national duty.

Criticizing bogus housing companies, he said illegal housing companies looted the poor by displaying alluring ads despite having little or no land.

The chairman of the NAB said that the NAB had become aware of allegations of corruption and irregularities in the allocation of industrial and commercial plots by the Gwadar Industrial Estate Development Authority. “The alleged illegal allocation caused millions of rupees in losses to the national pot. The Gwadar Industrial Estate Development Authority has jeopardized the economic development of the province, ”he said. Judge (R) Javed Iqbal said that Gwadar is the gateway to Pakistan’s development and that economic development activities in Gwadar will indeed be helpful in the imperative for the progress and prosperity of Balochistan as well as Pakistan. .

The NAB chairman said that providing legal investment opportunities to investors keen on Gwadar projects is the basic condition for economic progress in the region.

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