Artificial intelligence has humanity on the ropes in The Creator’s first trailer

As concerned as people may be about the ways artificial intelligence could disrupt our society, there will likely be a surge in movies about humanity taking a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to thinking machines and fully committed to getting them off the face. wipe off the world. Soil. There will definitely be some of that energy in 20th Century Studios.” The creator from director Gareth Edwards, but what’s most striking in the film’s first trailer is how inexplicably surprised everyone seems to be when they find themselves in the middle of a robo-pocalypse.

Set in a world devastated by a nuclear disaster launched by rogue AI, The creator tells the story of Joshua (John David Washington), a grieving widower and special forces agent tasked with tracking down the Creator – the person responsible for bringing the world’s killer machines online. When Joshua and his team discover that the Creator may have developed a weapon capable of finally ending the AI/human war, they set out to secure it for themselves in hopes of taking control of the planet. getting back. Somewhat unsurprisingly, the thing Josh and his team are after seems to be a mechanical kid named Alfie (Madeleine Yuna Voyles), whose humble appearance presumably belies some sort of ultimate power and is meant to leave us all a little deeper thinking about what it means to actually be “alive”.

It’s clear that Josh can’t just get rid of Alfie after they meet, and their connection is likely to illustrate a deeper point about humans and machines when The creator will be in cinemas from September 29. However, the trailer really makes you wonder if Hollywood will ever find a truly new source to tell stories like this or if the industry will continue to repeat things we’ve seen and heard before.

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